Barbecue Buying Guide


It’s a wonderful British summer’s day, the sun is shining and it’s a perfect day for inviting some family and friends over for a barbecue! With such a variety and endless choice of different barbecue types and styles it can be quite difficult to know what style is right for you, or what BBQ size you need.

With the BBQ season approaching, we’ve analysed all the barbecue options to create this helpful guide on both Charcoal Grill Barbecues & Gas Barbecues – So you’ll be having your summer BBQ in no time!

Charcoal vs. Gas Barbecues

There are two main styles of BBQs for you to choose from this summer: Charcoal barbecues and Gas Barbecues. Neither type is superior than the other, but you may prefer one type for cooking depending on your cooking skills, how much time you have, how frequently you would like to barbecue this summer (and for many more), and what you require for your overall BBQ experience.

Gas Barbecues

Gas BBQs are certainly the simplest, fuss-free, and quickest way of starting a barbecue. Most can warm up within 10 minutes, meaning you can have dinner done in no time! Gas BBQs are perfect for new or amateur chefs as many light up with the click of a button and feature temperature controls for your convenience. Gas will have to be bought separately, so check your barbecue model’s instructions to find out what gases you can purchase for your barbecue. Most modern Gas BBQs are compatible with propane gas.


  • Quick to light
  • Convenient and simple to use
  • Side burners often included
  • Temperature regulation (reducing risk of burning food)

Charcoal Barbecues

Charcoal barbecues take more time to warm up compared to Gas BBQs as the charcoal has to burn throughout before you can cook on the barbecue. This typically takes anywhere up to 50 minutes. They also require more careful attention to cooking as the temperature may not always be evenly distributed and there are no temperature controls! A more amateur BBQ chef may easily end up burning some of the food. If you’re into the more retro look, like slightly smoked food and are looking for a hands-on experience, then charcoal barbecues would be a great choice.


  • Normally portable
  • Great for camping
  • Offers a hands-on experience
  • More intense smells and tastes
  • Usually smaller and cheaper than Gas Barbecues

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